Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Trevor's Twenty Second Tune-Up - it works!

Trevor James sends me his free newsletter because I connect with his website on article marketing. He's actually a professional musician but "does other stuff". I really liked yesterday's message about the "Twenty Second Tune-Up". He says I can use it for my own blog post, with the fair and accepted condition that it's kept and credited as his material, in his wording ... no edits etcetera. So here 'tis:

"Feeling Blue? Use the 'Twenty-Second Tune-Up' and Feel Great in Twenty Seconds!   by Trevor James

"As you go about your business during the day, do you ever find yourself feeling ... well, maybe just a little bit blue, or downhearted?
If so, have I got a swell quick-fix for you!
I call this my "Twenty Second Tune-Up" and it works a treat.
It's surprisingly effective, super fast, and really, really easy. Here's what you do --
First get yourself an index card, perhaps 3"x5" in size, so you can carry it around in a pocket, as a bookmark, or in your purse, if you're the purse-carrying kind.
Next, on this card write the following seven questions --
1) "Why am I so happy?"
2) "Why am I so at peace?"
3) "Why am I so calm and collected?"
4) "Why is this day so beautiful?"
5) "Why am I so filled with energy?"
6) "Why do I feel so good?"
7) "Why am I so happy?"
Now, here's how to use it --
Whenever you would like to change from feeling the way you're feeling to feeling really good ... just take a few seconds, look at the card, and slowly and thoughtfully read each of the questions one at a time.
As you read each one, do not try answer the question, but merely read it, thinking about what it says. In other words, sincerely ask yourself this question. But you're not looking for an answer.
Instead, simply pause for a moment and consider the question briefly.
Then, with no attempt to answer the question, read and consider the next question.
Just go from question to question, considering the question for a moment as you go.
That's all there is to it!
Notice how you feel as you go through this simple exercise, and notice how nice you feel when you have reached the end.
Works every time.
If you would like to know more about how this works then you might want to get a copy of the little book called "Afformations" which tells all about this question-asking technique, and explains why it works.
But the short explanation is that, the human mind has to momentarily create the state being described in order to examine it, and it has to examine the state because that's how your mind responds to any question. Immediate and compliant consideration. It's how we work.
So we have caused the state ('happy', 'feel so good') to be created in your mind by the simple act of asking the question. Now that good feeling can go away when we then change our mind and attempt to *answer* the question.
We don't want that, so we don't attempt to answer the question.
Instead simply ask the question; it evokes the state, and we leave it at that, to enjoy the wave of good feeling we've just created!
From my copy of the "Afformations" book, I simply designed seven questions that cause a human to suddenly become filled with good feeling, according to the system given in the book.
You can get the Afformations book at Amazon. I did.
The Twenty-Second Tune-Up works for me, and I use it all the time, because it keeps me feeling chipper anytime I want, and it's easy as easy.
Hope you enjoy it too!
About the Author
Trevor James is howto guru at Voltos Industries, and has been writing articles about music, psychology, and online business since 2003. His latest website is about cheap guitar amps which discusses amplifier design and the Fender guitar amplifier designs, and how guitarists can get the best sound for the least money!"

There ya go. The 20-sec tune-up seems to work OK, and I kind of get the rationale behind it. Don't know 'bout the Fender guitar amplifier, though. But it sounds cool.

Enjoy your day. I can't persuade the Google Blogspot people (they host this website) that it's Tuesday morning here in South Oz already when they're 'way  behind and think it's still Monday night.

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