Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Flaherty's Beach, Latvia, Weird Inventions

Now THERE'S a fine non-sequitur. It's OK ... only nice people with dictionaries read this blog. And a big Hi to new followers on Wills Warble. What on earth are you thinking of??

So, last night a lovely one-hour walk on Flaherty's Beach (in the pic, seen from the dunes looking west across Hardwicke Bay) tide on the turn and for some reason lots of stranded jellyfish. Evening sun just right for healthy exercise on the first day after the clocks went forward. (Yes, I forgot. Again.) Pleasant company.

This morning I slightly struggled with an awkward online edit job from Latvia. I was a bit slow delivering. Riga-mortis.

I can now turn to uploading my next CS book (that is, to CreateSpace.com) which I completed yesterday. It's called Will's Wee Book of Quotations. 'Bout 65 pages. Will go on sale at Amazon.com like its little mates, but it takes a week or two while they send me a proof copy by snail mail and until I approve it. Don't try to look it up just yet.

Here for you is this LIFE link to smile at. 30 Dumb Inventions. But to the more discerning, some of those ideas were worth exploring (which is what inventing is ABOUT) and some - as online comments reveal - were in fact implemented. Like the laryngophone. 30 Not-So-Dumb inventions. Some people simply like the word dumb, to get a cheap attention-grab. Hey, now I'M doing it. Sigh.

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