Friday, 1 October 2010

Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment Played on Stage

Last night, home by 2am, good late decision - and lucky to get tix - a couple of Pratchett fans saw Pamela Munt's skilled direction of one of Unseen Theatre Company's very best productions at their performance home, The Bakehouse Theatre in Angas Street, Adelaide. (Yes, the quirky old building was once a bakehouse.)

Terry Pratchett, who in real life is now battling Alzheimer's, wrote the book (first published 2003). Stephen Briggs wrote the play script of Monstrous Regiment from the novel, with the author's full approval, as he has done for a dozen other titles from TP's 37 Discworld stories, which have a worldwide following of loyal enthusiasts.

If you are interested at all, you can check out various websites, starting with Terry Pratchett and maybe Bakehouse Theatre (the show ends tomorrow), and Unseen Theatre Company. There were 13 in last night's cast list, and all were excellent in their roles, which may reflect that they're near the end of a full two week run instead of the more normal 7-10 days.

Go read the book. Part fantasy, part sexual politics. Women in the army, plus trolls and vampires. Irresistible.

Amateur theatre is alive and well in Angas Street.

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