Friday, 5 November 2010

Bad arithmetic, pale ochre, anti-ageing and festive geese

Oops. I wrote on Wednesday that my Tassie friends were among a congregation of only four last Sunday in Gladstone, and the correct number was SIX. The main point of the blog post is unaltered.  Thank you to Brendan for pointing out my error, and especially to those who responded to the substance of the post.

Welcome phone call today from old friends to say that they, Veronica and David, will be in our neck of the woods this Sunday and I can expect a visit. As for today, except for the morning when I painted the new retaining wall at the back of the driveway to match the house's pale ochre stonework, the day has gone by with little achieved. Pale ochre? Yes, that is the official colour, one of a recommended set. The other colours are Heritage Red (roof) and Brunswick Green (timberwork and guttering) and an off-white or cream which is for other bits.

A parcel arrived with 15 copies of my pseudonymous book Keep Age Away: Easy Foods for Fitness and Longer Life which is available (and five other titles of mine) at  The shipping costs from the U.S. are nearly prohibitive - books are aimed at the North American market - and I ordered these copies at "author discount" so that I can pass some on to friends who have asked for them (having seen advance copies). More anon. In fact, several people living not a million miles from me have conspired and contributed to the sixth book, suspiciously titled Festive Recipe Favorites ... yes, American spelling of course, and all the recipes in both imperial and metric. Roast turkey and goose, even. Could this be for Christmas?

The world is, as the SBS ad used to say, an amazing place.

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