Friday, 3 December 2010

Fly your own A380 in perfect safety

Well, I've seen the demo and been blown away. Is there a person in your family - as Christmas nears - who is fired up by the idea of flying an aircraft? Not just any old Cessna or ultralight. Nope, any of over a hundred and twenty kinds of aircraft. Of course, we're talking flight simulators. Pilots and astronauts train on huge sophisticated multimillion dollar simulators, and until now the simulators on a personal computer were pretty much just toys. Not any more.

Once upon a time, parents put in for the offspring's model train set, at birthdays or major festivals. Guess who also played with it. That's right. Dads and uncles. Kids too. So think bigger, up in the sky. Some very lucky youngster just might be treated to a flight simulator, downloaded to a computer. Might be less lucky and never get near it. But hey, it was the thought that counted.

At least check it out.

I'll tell you a bit more. Click the ad at the top and it takes you to Dan Freeman's page. He's the Sydney-based vendor, and right now is offering an extraordinary $49 special for the holiday season. This product is something I'd have expected to cost in the hundreds. I'm an affilate, just for the sake of disclosure. And as it says in the heading, perfect safety, unless you fall off the couch in the excitement of a dodgy landing at Bangkok airport.

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