Monday, 27 December 2010

Post Celebration Stress. Sporting nonsense.

I hope that all readers of the blog who celebrate Christmas had a happy time, with the mix of family, friends and a certain amount of overeating which seems to go along with the season in fortunate parts of the world. For many it is a time of spiritual reflection. Gift-giving is of great importance in many homes ... and drives commerce. How nice if we could even it out so that kindness and tolerance were normal throughout the year.

But we are about to embark upon a New Year, as the most-common calendar is reckoned. 2011 will be with us in a matter of days. Opportunites!

Sport. Cricket. The Ashes Test. As an Australian supporter, today I must keep very very meek after yesterday's clobbering by the English team. It will need a truly heroic effort from the home side to keeps hopes alive of winning back the famous trophy in this contest. Can it be done?

In yachting, via Channel 7, I saw the nearly disastrous collision between Wild Oats Eleven and the motorised media boat as the Sydney-Hobart fleet raced for the open sea beyond Sydney Harbour. The skipper of the media boat, interviewed after the incident while still at his wheel, seemed unabashed, but he would have known as well as anyone that the onus was on him to stay clear, instead of deliberately placing his craft right in front of the large yacht bearing down on him at a brisk rate of knots. The commentator (his back to the fast approaching yacht) nearly got more than he bargained for. No doubt the viewers would have thought it worth a few lives, just to supply some extra excitement. (Oops. Sorry. Being cynical ... one New Year resolution of things to give up.

Enjoy the week, everyone.

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