Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sherry trifle, Cricket,: Cats: fake or real? You decide.

Today's DIY lunch party was all one hoped for... excess, inappropriate foods, comic relief, sherry trifle, heavy rain and spectacular lightning. I got home a while back to a power outage which justified a nap until the electricity came back on.

The rain was about an hour and a half too late to help the Australian cricket team rescue a draw in the second Ashes Test across the Gulf in Adelaide. First time in 20 years that England has won by an innings against Australia, and they, the "old enemy" in this sporting contest, are looking very  good indeed. English cricketers generally show good sportsmanship in conquest or defeat; however, English fans are notorious gloaters. We shall see. Three matches to go. Each lasts five days (played in a different city). Non-cricket nations will find this absurd.

Last week, this blog presented three embedded videos; a Korean guitarist, a boy-choir, and a talking cat. I thought we'd got over it - but I cannot resist this one. You get ALL THREE connections. Yes, a concert - OK, it was a decade ago - in Seoul, by the Swiss-American Wey brothers Terry and Lorin, performing Rossini's Comic Duet of Two Cats. Humans being cats. Get it? Not the cat sounding human, and I do know it was faked. Nothing fake about this ...  The video will let you choose other versions of the duet after you watch the first one, including one where the same pair are in cat costume.

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