Monday, 31 January 2011

Cricket 1 Tennis Nil

Well, the cricketers won the match and hence the One-Day best-of-7 series against the old enemy the Poms (but really, we like them).

Alas, in the Oz Open tennis (first Grand Slam tournament of each year) Andy Murray was outclassed by Novak "Nole" Djokovic who could well become the next World Number One, very soon. We shall see. Both players said correct things after the match. Murray looked glum and grumpy throughout and I suspect he had too much salt on his porridge for breakfast. A shame, though: his has been the best showing by a Brit in this sport for decades. Djokovic politicised his acceptance speech, referring to his nation's "tough time" in recent years, and said he dedicated the trophy to Serbia. (Can you do that??) but stopped short of expressing it as a hope for Serbia to rejoin the human race. (I am paraphrasing a classic line by Sir Humphrey of Yes Minister fame.)

Below is the happy snap I took last Wednesday of our mayor Ray Agnew with the main ladies at the Erichsen Literary Awards event in Ardrossan; Gwenda one of the winners and Leslie May the organiser.
The mayor is the one in the middle.

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