Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mulberries and Maui

I am eating mulberries for lunch. Thanks. The kind donor knows who it is!

Yesterday, thank goodness, the weather turned cooler after the two-day heatblast brought by the northerlies out of the continent's hot heartland. Fortunate, too, (but bad enough) the folk on Australia's north-east coast have suffered less devastation than was feared from Cyclone Yasi. Those meteorology charts showed lurid swirls the size of whole countries.

Our singers group performed its first concert for 2011 at one of the regular venues; appreciative audience. We enjoy it at least as much as they do. Once more, rumours of a pay rise. It's one of the huge benefits for all volunteer groups - a pay rise can be announced at any time, by anyone... doubling, even tripling, the usual rate, with frequent bonuses etc.

Did one edit job this morning which was amusing in one respect. The client - after some technical issues were straightened out in recent days by the source company in one European country, while the client was from a different European country - turned out to be based in Vancouver. And for some reason I had formed an opinion that he and his people were French Canadians in Quebec. (Good place to find lots of French Canadians, just in case you didn't know!) Oh well. None of that is a problem. I exchanged emails with the client directly (not typical in this sort of work as we don't normally have a clue who, or where, the other is!): "based in Vancouver" he'd said, only to hear back that he was currently kicking back in Maui, Hawaii.

It certainly opens a window on a different way of perceiving the "global cloud" e-world.

OK, back to the mulberries. They've gone! Aargh, I ate 'em somewhere in paragraph three.

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