Saturday, 1 January 2011

Twenty Eleven

It's official. The new year is here, all around the world, even if New Zealand got there first.

Hope it's great for all of you. Heard discussion on the radio this morning as to whether we say "Two thousand and eleven"or "Twenty eleven". Whaddya reckon? I'm voting the latter.

Who stayed up latest? Not me.

During the day it was cool that I got to meet Nicole in person who is the no-pic follower over there to the left of this blog content.  Hi again Nik. You are flying back to beautiful Sydney in a couple of days. Say hi from me to those neat Harbour ferries ... and the Bridge ... and the Opera House ... and the beaches.


  1. Thank you Will.
    Was lovely to meet you. I look forward to reading your book and i am sure you will see some qoutes pop up on my blog :)

  2. The one who doesn't have her picture up, yet is the fairest one of all ;) lol ...