Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye to 2010. Hello Roller Babies.

End of the year. Do we care? Anyway, why do we make the counting of years so significant?
And I believe it's just fifteen months until the start of year 6000 in the Hebraic calendar. That sounds like a big deal. Must check it out.
Hey, remember the Chinese hurdler who knocked down most of the hurdles in his race by charging straight through them? The video clip has been pulled, following officially-inspired legal objections. That's consistent with mainland government touchiness re anything deemed to be insulting to China ... plus that the original posting of the clip appeared to be from a Taiwanese source. Beijing would hate that.

So what's left?  Let's finish 2010 with a look at a multi-award winning Evian ad. The roller-blading babies. Some very cool CG work,  but based on live shots of the babies' faces and of acrobatic movement by top bladers. There exists another clever and funny video on "The Making of .."  The agency's creative guy is Michael Gracey.

But here is the original that all the fuss is about ...

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