Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two kinds of mice. Sam and singing.

Today I have bought a wireless mouse and keyboard kit from Rick Boston of the local RB Electronics shop. Yep, the RB is for his name. The boxed kit is sitting nearby, unopened, and sort of looking at me, daring me to open it.

At our weekly singing rehearsal Don said he caught four mice of the squeaking kind in three days, or maybe it was three in four days. Gwenda said recently that she caught several, a symptom of the odd spell of cold weather (in summer) and mice coming indoors when they should be outside getting healthy exercise. Two days ago I was the cause of another mouse's demise, after setting three traps overnight when the mouse ran out of the bathroom just as I was about to step into a hot tub/bath. It looked suspiciously wet, and, had I not disturbed it, might have been impertinent enough to dry itself on one of my towels. I felt some regret for setting the traps, but the mouse had every opportunity to leave the house harmlessly, and I was even prepared to overlook the bath-and-towel incident. I wish they didn't look at you with those big brown eyes.

The singing today was stimulating and fun. One modest concert will occur next week, and another two weeks later. Sam the dog attended but failed to join in the singing. I wonder if he is feeling unwell.

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