Sunday, 20 February 2011

Walk, clown, martial wobbles 'n' webs

Had a refreshing seabreeze walk this morning between Coobowie and Edithburgh with Jacqui - some rain and conversation during which it emerged that I knew her brother, oh, nearly thirty years ago, and if I remember a-right (always a problematic matter) he was a working clown at the time. I know it was the right guy, because he played a memorable if small role in the locally famous movie Sunday Too Far Away, made in this state at a time of resurgence of Australian film-making. Alas, much of that momentum was later lost.

The saga of the martial arts mayhem of last week looks to be laid to rest. The exponent whose actions damaged  an audience member turned out to be from a code of the sport which is NOT that of National Judge, David Rigby, of the Australian Karate Federation.

He speaks with wisdom of  "...accidents with untrained people assisting enthusiastic practitioners. (It) is very dangerous and I do not condone it.  ...everyone should be aware of the risks involved and the possible outcomes."

I repeat that the incident I mentioned did not involve an AKF member. Whether or not the person's own club or sporting association takes action, now remains to be seen. I am not going to report on this further in this blog.

Also this week a whole heap of on-line editing jobs, of material which is for creating a major website of a customer, hit me in one go, against several days of dearth. What we now need is a magical filter so that each day produces the perfect  balance. Who can suggest a formula?

It is a bit like life, really :)

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  1. Very scary and irresponsible acts on both sides, one cannot happen without the others co-operation. Why do we sometimes think that we are exempt from the rest of the pack! If you have never done a sport that involves being thrown over a shoulder, please dont put your hand up, esp ANYONE over 50, 60, 70 etc, your body will not thankyou, and knowing that this person is older and never done the sport, as a teacher, learn how to pick your volunteers, REALLY Commonsense was nowhere to be seen on EITHER side, so if you were to report one make sure that you report the other one as well. I know who you are talking about, and I know that both of these ladies would have been shocked at the outcome, but if all else fails who was the older person here? They should have known better, you cannot blame one and not the other they were both partners in crime, they BOTH need a horse-whipping! ;) :P