Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Big Question (guess what it is)

It is a very wet Sunday although the rain waited until I hung out some washing. That's OK: just shows that the universe is working normally. Then I went to Edithburgh and walked for a while, armed with an umbrella.

Can anyone tell me a nice easy way to get audible email alerts? I am checking out Yahoo, which, I believe, has a downloadable application for just that. More later.

The local paper's front page headline says there's a new mouse plague. I was too mean to buy the paper, but I have had a plague of two mice this week, both of them now ex-mice. Sorry, guys. It's not personal. I heard of one acquaintance - from another - who caught five on the same day.

Actually, when I heard a trap go off, two nights ago in the small hours, I got out of bed to discover (apart from the mouse in the next room) a very large beetle on the bedroom curtains, big enough, or so I imagined in my groggy state, to have carried me off to its lair. Instead I removed it to the patio, where another of the same species was waiting for it, and - last I saw - the two of them went off together towards the geranium. Beetles are true insects and I read somewhere that they are the most numerous group (that is, in the number of beetle species) within the insect world. But I can't remember if it was four thousand, or forty thousand. Heaps anyway. They seem to be more benign to humans than many other flying or creepy crawly insects: one thinks naturally of the wretched mosquitoes. Lots of other wee beasties are not insects at all, like spiders or cockroaches or millipedes or earwigs or silverfish.... I wonder what they think of us.

Friday was an interesting first, when four of us went to Stansbury to admire Lois's new piano. Well, we did, but Lois was magnanimous in many ways. In addition to allowing us to admire the piano, she coached us in voice exercises for improved singing (some hope, ever optimistic!); she provided an elegant arvo tea; and gobsmacked me by generously giving me... her "other piano" - shades of Winifred Atwell - an American-made Waldorf of a certain age. My front room has already been re-configured for when I manage to organize transport and movers. Then the Big Question will be if the piano will negotiate the front hall and the right-angled turn through the doorway of the room. The same puzzle defeated a settee, but the piano is not nearly as long. See? Nobody can claim that life is not full of excitement. And I have made no other mention, in this blog post, of tsunamis, nuclear disasters, or war in north Africa, all current international concerns.
PS I finally got around to fixing the time-zone settings. No longer will you read a Sunday blog post, when the time is alleged to be still a Saturday.

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