Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Crash landings and bad-hair nights

Well, one television commentator won today's Will Award for silliest use of the language when he referred to the  downed F15 aircraft near Benghazi as having made a "crash-landing", AFTER the two crew ejected. Um, no, guys. That's a CRASH. Buy me a beer and I'll explain the difference.

Near home, I heard that Edithburgh had three inches of rain in the old money last Sunday. Nearly 8cm. Just as well I took the umbrella. The autumn weather has gone all overcast and gloomy.

Musically, thank you Elsie for the kind remarks about yesterday's efforts at WUC hall. (Scope there for a new name.) Any suggestions?

My "boss" in Copenhagen who sends some freelance editing work my way just sent an email on a couple of small points - one of them justified, soon corrected, abject grovel...etc  Wondered why he was so grumpy, 'til I realised it was 1.30am with him. Workaholic, insomniac?? Or just having a bad-hair day in the middle of the night. Know the feeling!

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