Saturday, 26 March 2011

More cricket, Romania, and Sir Terry Pratchett

A philosophical footnote to yesterday's end to the Oz cricketers' campaign in India: the sum total of human happiness was enhanced (one presumes) more by the sheer number of happy Indian cricket-lovers, against a similar proportion of the 20+ million Australians. Even if half of each country's population is indifferent to the game, my guess is that the people-ratio is ...let's see, roughly half of a billion to half of twenty million. Yep. Fifty to one. Ah, that explains it! Ricky "Punter" Ponting in a fit of kindness to the planet LET the other side win. I knew there was a good reason.

And the New Zealanders progressed to the semis by beating the South Africans. One journalist who should know better said that the NZ win was extra cause for Australian misery. Do some Australians really think like that? For me, if the home side is out of the running, then our trans-Tasman neighbours automatically become the next in line to barrack for, when pitted against the rest of the world. Go Kiwis!

Last night I missed seeing ABC's "New Tricks" because (a) I forgot I could record it, and (b) an editing job came to me from Romania, which took until 10.15pm and was pernickety, but worth it this morning when the client gave it a rave review and his thanks (with exclamation mark!), saying that the material had already been posted as a website complete with my edits in among all the HTML. Actually I don't edit HTML code (love those initials: Hyper Text Markup Language) but rather have to edit AROUND it without messing with it. A bit like working in the garden without stepping on the snails.

Lastly, big thanks to Dee who just sent me info about the Terry Pratchett talk on 17 April in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Tempting, but I won't be going. Fans of his 38 books are delighted that his health is holding up well enough to make this trip from England. Sir Terry has early-onset Alzheimers.The theme of his talk, and the event, is intriguing: "Imagination, not Intelligence, Made us Human" - you have to like that.

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