Monday, 28 March 2011

My Part in Formula One Grand Prix Racing

I watched Sunday's Australian Formula One Grand Prix race from Melbourne, first of the year in the F1 tour. My personal contribution was to murmur little brrm...brrm noises while nodding off for an afternoon nap. But I woke in time to see the last few laps. New use of language always interests me: three drivers "podium-ed", and so they got to do that absurd thing with the squirting of bubbly from oversized bottles.

German 23-year old Sebastian Vettel looks unstoppable, and was last year's champion. U.K.'s Lewis Hamilton was next, and - a first-ever podium-finisher from Russia - Vitaly Petrov was third. Podium will be my word-of-the week.

I am supposed to know what car teams they drive for, because that is what's important in motor sport, but I must have been having my snooze when it was mentioned. Oh, I think the winning vehicle was Red Bull Racing Renault... their other car came fifth, driven by Australia's disconsolate Mark Webber.

An amazing thing to behold is the wheel-changing during some pit-stops... set of four different tyres swapped over in.... 7 or 8 seconds! Takes me that long to remember which side of my middle-aged Verada I'm meant to get in, which supposes I knew where I left the keys. That's worth a podium finish.

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