Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'Nother Concert and Misspelling

The singers rehearsed morning and afternoon Tuesday - our excuse for lunch and story-swapping - then today another prac in the morning at Parson's Beach (on the coast a little south of Port Victoria) followed by the monthly concert we give to staff and residents at Melaleuca Court Nursing Home in Minlaton.

I was amused in a resigned kind of way to see, on the large map at the Tourist information Centre, that the local Progress Association had managed to spell the name incorrectly as Melalueca, which I mischievously pronounce mella-you-acre. It's a different word (I guess) from the real name, pronounced mella-looka. The melaleuca family of tree species is common here. But its spelling remains a grey area to 90% of the population. Serves us right for making up names from ancient Greek.

As for the concert, there were just enough mistakes and glitches to make us feel at home. Everyone enjoyed it. Our colleagues of the six-piece brass band made plenty of noise, or maybe, when the program said it was their turn, I was just sitting closer than usual. There was even a leprechaun and it's not St Patrick's Day until the 17th. What is going on?

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