Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ranting Gaddafi

I have watched for the past hour live by satellite on the AlJazeera English news channel the extraordinary rambling speech by Libya's Muammar Gaddafi; his third since the major uprising in that country, speaking from Tripoli. A surreal experience. A man in denial, ranting, repetitious, not so much desperate as detached from reality.

Two things added to the oddity ... oh, he has just resumed the rant, full of contradiction and weirdness and absurdity ... the first thing is that through the magic of media we saw a split screen and simultaneous live cover of demonstrators in Benghazi as Gaddafi asserts that they don't exist.

The second thing is closer to home. IN my home! A suspiciously chubby mouse came through from the kitchen, briefly explored the bedroom, then sat in the doorway and watched the Gaddafi speech with me for a while; but got bored and went on into the front hallway. Sensible mouse. Hasn't come back yet.

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