Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Steve Biddulph as observer

An article by Steve Biddulph appeared in yesterday's Hobart Mercury, saying hard things about endemic corruption and croneyism in the island state. Sane voices get little hearing in high places there. Is this a model of what might happen nation-wide? Does it already happen?

Steve Biddulph is a noted psychologist and author ("The Secret of Happy Children", and other titles), and while it's many years since I spent an intensive weekend course in Adelaide with him as tutor, my admiration for the man has never diminished. At the very least I rate him as an intelligent observer, and a person of high principle. I'd say he is worth reading and hearing. As for corruption in government(s), should we worry... ?

Oh my, what a silly thought.

Here's the link:  Steve Biddulph, Hobart Mercury article

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