Sunday, 15 May 2011

Azeri moozak. Where does Europe end?

Tarnation! Here I was, gonna watch me some Eurovision Song Contest final tonight, Sunday, and they're saying it was won by Azerbaijan. Time zones are a mischievous invention to annoy us innocent TV viewers. Well, guess I'll watch anyway. I can always sneer at the twenty four losers in advance. Who sings anyway? In last night's semi-final it looked to be about tumbling skills, monocycles and long pointy hats.

And Azerbaijan? (I'll pause while you get your atlas out or do a Google Earth search.) Yes, there it is. Seems that Europe is creeping eastwards. Turkey, Israel already. Armenia.... give it a tick. How 'bout Kuwait soon? Nepal? Sri Lanka? Heck, here in Australia we can apply for Euro-song-citizenship. Besides, we're already honorary Danes ever since Prince Fred married our Mary from Tasmania.

Reason for watching... that's obvious. Get ideas for our own little singing group of well-matured citizens who enjoy dressing up and play-acting, only throwing in the singing as an optional extra. Just kidding. Our audiences insist. But we keep singing despite that. And if I sound incoherent that's because I am still in recovery from Friday's birthday tea (hey, three birthdays in the space of a week) with its alarming B-witch costuming, George Clooney movie, too much food, and Irish Cream.

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