Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Moonta Mines Museum

Nice one, Historical Societies of SYP, for today's bus outing to the excellent museums at Maitland and at Moonta Mines - and thanks Don Benbow of Benbow Buses. Actually, quite a few thanks ... Cheryl Bates and team who organised the day... Ian our remarkable train driver and interpretive guide on the little tourist train which took us on the 45 minutes circuit of the old Moonta copper mines' surviving surface structures (they closed in 1923). Likewise, much appreciation to all others who made it a friendly and interesting day-trip, starting and finishing at the Minlaton "Harvest Corner" which does duty as Tourist Centre and tea room, and purveyor of marmalades and other mysteries.

The Moonta Mines Museum was the town's primary school from 1878 to 1968, and there on the old Honour Board at the entrance appeared the name of Betty Evans, sister of my companion for the day. Now I think of it, the historical relics in the various museums and their exhibits were - rather scarily - nearly all items familiar to many of our bus's passengers, from our own childhoods. Any curators may well have eyed us circumspectly as possible exhibit material, but we managed to escape unmounted and unlabeled. Just wait ... I thought I heard them think ...we know where you live. You'll keep.

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