Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hit persons. Scandinavian humour.

OK, so who was it?? One of you in the last quarter hour was the thousandth outside visitor to this blog. Jolly good. I'll let readers know when we reach the million. Ha Ha. I suppose you expect a prize. Too bad.

Actually, that's a fib. The mini-target was probably reached quite a while back. I've only had the blog's (invisible) stat-counter turned on intermittently, and when I thought it was "running in the background", it wasn't. Oh well.

I have just surfaced from three and a half hours of online editing; one job for a Dane and one for a Dutchman. The Dutchman was easy. I know him and he sends me his stuff. The Dane was a blogger, always a bad sign. I sent him some feedback after I delivered the work. This was a test of his sense of humour... the Danish people claim to be proud of theirs. I wrote, "I sincerely admire an author who writes 'sclerotic' and 'kick in the pants' in the same sentence", but after I'd sent this message I remembered that the sense of humour in question is more the custard pie in the face sort of humour. This could be the start of a difficult working relationship, or the end of one. Damn. Maybe I was thinking of the Norwegians. Not the Swedes anyway. They think that humour is a only a word in the dictionary! Now, who else can I insult? And it's only lunchtime.

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