Saturday, 25 June 2011

NBN... wozzat? One of those sporting bodies?

Aha! Not a sporting acronym. Bill's blog (not Will's) yesterday provided more mind-food of concern to all. Wrap your brain around this report...

"The news at present is full of the National Broadband Network and the Gillard government's deal for the NBN to buy up and demolish Telstra's present copper-cable phone and Internet lines.

The NBN is not really "national". We have the NBN optic fibre running right through the town, but our house will never be connected to it, because our town is classified as "rural", and does not therefore qualify for NBN connection. The same is true of nearby Derby and Branxholm. This seems ridiculous.

Our present Internet connection is through our copper Telstra link. Its speed has increased substantially during the time we have been here, and is more than satisfactory for our purposes.

The upshot of yesterday's NBN-Telstra deal is that at some time in the future, our copper connection will be pulled out. With no NBN connection, we'll have to rely on wireless connections for both telephone and Internet. Wireless connections are notoriously unreliable in Tasmania because of the mountainous terrain. Even with 3G, our mobile coverage is patchy. Wireless networks deteriorate as the number of users increases, so we are expecting (eventually) a greatly inferior service as a result of the deal.

The NBN roll-out in Tasmania has been a disaster. It has happened in two declining country towns (Scottsdale and Smithton) and an outer Hobart suburb (Midway Point). Only 5% of householders with the NBN are using it. In Scottsdale, neither of the schools nor the hospital is using it. NBN connection, with its optic-fibre modems, is too expensive for most. The Gillard government is expecting to spend $40b on a infrastructure that will see us worse off. Why?"
End of Bill's blog entry. Who knew?
A personal observation here. I've known the author for many years and I judge his insights to be fact-driven, not dependent upon preconceived party-political preferences. Would that we could say that of our legislators!
Onya, Bill.

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