Monday, 6 June 2011

Owen Waters. World affairs... guns vs tennis racquets

One of the authors I quite like ('New Age' if you insist on labels) is Owen Waters, with whom I had some conversations when he lived in SW England before returning to his home in California. I try to keep up with his writings which are available either as physical books or online - often free. He sent me a newsletter this morning and I smiled at his take on the recent embarrassment of one hellfire preacher whose proclaimed dates for "the end of the world" have been frustrated several times. Each to his own.

Weather's turned cold and wet. What a surprise - it's winter. Big decision... shift gravel outside, or stay indoors by the cosy fire! Everyone seems to be busy, whether with elections in Peru and Portugal, or starting new political parties (Independent MP Mr Bob Katter in Australia), or maintaining the mayhem in the Near and Middle East and North Africa. Of course, we tune in to the truly engaging events such as Rafa beating Roger for the Men's Singles tennis grand slam title in Paris; and what about the Women's Title going to Li Na, first ever Chinese winner of a grand slam tournament? Sign of things to come.

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