Friday, 3 June 2011

Wilton Windmill Wiltshire - where? New Crop Circle is a Snake

It's just over twenty four hours since Olivier Morel posted his latest aerial shots on the website of Crop Circle Connector. You can visit here:
Many in-crop designs have been suggestive of creatures - birds, fish, jellyfish... even spermatozoa - but here's a frank wavy snake, in the field alongside the windmill at Wilton, Wilts.

Goodness only knows how it's done, but certainly not by one bloke, or even a couple of blokes, in the darkness of a single night. The overnight appearance of all such phenomena - with no signs of other crop damage - during the past twenty odd years has never been plausibly accounted for by the skeptics, few of whom ever visited the sites in the flesh or tried to talk intelligently with researchers.

At the very least, the designs are open-air artworks, and their makers are entitled to be mysterious. The farmers are entitled to be grumpy, but the smarter ones recoup crop-damage costs by charging admission.

P.S.  You can check the 30 May blog entry, at the foot, for the answer to our quiz question on "the bridge to where?"

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