Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I came across a stat yesterday, you know the kind, a hazard of watching those nature shows. But this was simply a mention, "guess how many" sort of thing. OK, so the number 14 popped up. We've all heard, I'm sure, that the planet has more ants than people. We will keep it to just ants, no other creepy-crawlies. The question was put: how many ants are there for every human? Is it; 14, 140, 1400, 14000, or 140000? I have to take it on trust that the answer's one of those numbers. I have no idea who did the counting. A hundred and forty thousand DOES sound a lot. That's PER PERSON.
Yes, that was said to be the answer. I'd call that A LOT. But I do know that I trip over an ant any time I trudge the 30 metres in the dark to the shed I call a garage. So it must be true.

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