Friday, 29 July 2011

Those crops, those designs

You're fed up with links to crop circles for the time being, but I am letting you know that they keep coming. In Europe it's the height of the cropping season, and specifically in England we are getting formations appearing every couple of days, on average. The "epicentre" remains the Wiltshire area.

In recent days there was a curiosity of a picture in a crop, clearly intended to represent the classic portrait of a "grey" - you know, the image of the large-eyed big round headed "space alien" (draconian) made (?)popular from the covers of books by Whitley Strieber, and others. A strong suggestion that this particular crop circle was man-made. However, around 1999 there was a spectacular similar image, but a better one, and it came with a complex embedded code. Our Russian investigator friends claim a non-human origin for that "artwork" at least. You are welcome as ever to go and visit or join the important website - and to share any of your thoughts on the phenomenon.

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