Thursday, 21 July 2011

Women play soccer too. Laid down at Cherhill Down.

What? You didn't know? The Japanese Women's Soccer Team has just won the World Cup - winning the final against America in a 2-2 final scoreline then a 3-1 penalty shoot-out. The event has been embraced as a boost to morale for a country still reeling from the March earthquake and tsunami devastation.

O.K. so you don't really care. Hmm. What might tickle your interest? I know. Crop circles. Hey! Who just said "Oh no! Not again." Listen... this MIGHT be important. Anyway, in the past twenty four hours two more of the little suckers showed up in England. One's in Lincolnshire. The other is our old friend Wiltshire, at Cherhill Down, and what is different, or rare, is that the internal pattern is formed within a full circle entirely by the lay of the crop. That is, NOT by the contrast of standing and laid-down stems. This makes for a less distinct look, but seen from the air it is subtle and fascinating. Aren't they all? Have a squiz. A nice touch is that Stuart's ultralight was flying low and some of the people inside the formation are looking up at him, one even waving. No big deal. I just thought it was a friendly moment.

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