Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More circling

[See below for an update this evening.]

I don't KNOW what it is about Avebury and Wiltshire generally when it comes to the crop formation phenomenon. Simplest speculation is that a tireless hoaxer lives next to the pub near the famous Avebury standing stones, within cooee of Silbury Hill (and Stonehenge). All very spooky. Or other circle-makers, of whatever sort, have a special affinity for the area. Or else the area itself possesses a little-understood "earth energy" which lends itself to being a focus for the extraordinary art form. The special nature of this and certain other regions has been believed by individuals for centuries, quite independently of any association with the crop circles/formations.
THIS design appeared in recent hours, shown as aerial shots only.

Update: I posted at breakfast time, SA time, and after a day of singing with our intrepid group practising like mad for three concerts in the coming month, I see that articles and diagrams have been added to the above crop circle connector site for yesterday's Overton Down formation. Especially, there is a coherent discussion from two Russian researchers - women with PhDs and presumably a few smarts - who offer eyebrow raising notions. Another article is translated from the Chinese. So, the Wiltshire formations are by no means of only local interest to the UK enthusiasts.

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