Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sure, if the news is true... ALP, R.I.P. Bob Zubrin too.

The words of the Ulster song, "Sure, if the news is true..." can be applied. OK, the rumoured news in the song is of a new ship to be built in Belfast shipyards and better times ahead for the currently unemployed workers. But a similar celebratory note is struck by yesterday's strong indication that the execrable Michael Rann has had his day. Our State Premier - for much too long - better styled as President Rann of Rannistan. Australian Labor Party? Heck, no. Any further right he'd fall off the starboard bow. This is a man who has consistently attempted corruptly to influence the courts and the independence of the judiciary in South Australia. A wannabe el supremo of a tinpot dictatorship. There are umpteen nasty regimes around the world who could maybe offer him a job. Did I say I don't like him or what he stands for?

Well, that felt good.

On a lighter note, today is the fortieth anniversary of... let's see, day eleven of Viking I's successful robotic mission to Mars, gathering soil samples for analysis by its onboard GCMS. Its what? Y'know, the gas chromatograph mass spectrometer thingey. You knew that. I've known it ever since last night when I reached page 31 of Dr Robert Zubrin's book (revised edition) The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must. Not this week, but over the next millenium. No harm in packing early. Double click the image to go to full screen - then you can also get rid of any annoying ad at the foot of the picture.

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