Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dorpering at Paskeville and the Laptop Laugher

Now I know what a dorper is. It's a hybrid breed of sheep originating in South Africa seventy years ago as a cross between the DORset and PERsian breeds. The display stand at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days (27-29 September) at Paskeville, was full of info. Tonight ABC TV's Poh's Kitchen featured... dorper lamb!

I was at the Field Days all day today browsing around, a bit of a lost sheep myself, bemused by the weather (potential for a pun here with wether, the sheep), the monster machines such as headers and even the comb trailer (go on, ask me what one of them is), and even an unnerving laugh encountered while hearing a saleman recite details of a laptop computer. My companion and I were spooked by the fact that the nearby screechy laugh-er did not seem to need anything funny to provoke the noise.

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