Monday, 3 October 2011

Trading Places

Nope. Not a movie title. By the way, a nope is a small bird... amazing what you learn on TV quizzes. Anyway, I should have said Trading Tables. That was my weekend. On Saturday I manned a trading table at the Town Hall of a town which shall be nameless, selling books and CDs, interesting but draughty and underlit. Then yesterday which was Sunday I went along as a member of the public to the much better event in a neighbouring town. This was bright and cheerful with plenty of the necessary trading tables but also stage entertainment and the fabled Devonshire Teas served through a kitchen hatch guaranteed to bang heads of the unwary. Yes, DESPITE the latter trap, this was the more user-friendly event. How is it so?

Today is a public holiday, Labour Day of the traditional October Long Weekend in this part of the world. I ought to stay away from the computer: already I have had messages involving me doing something resembling work... from Canada, the Emirates, and even from Melbourne which we in South Australia know as Another Country.

Congratulations should go to Geelong for victory over Collingwood in the Grand Final of the nation's Australian Rules Football competition. I do not follow this sport, thus excluding myself from any conversation in any bar in Australia. However, I am sad that England knocked out Scotland in a narrow win to progress in the Rugby World Cup.

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