Tuesday, 22 November 2011

End of Year Important Parties

The world is its usual happy self... oops, just hit a key accidentally with my suddenly longer nose. Anyway, we are lucky in this little part of it. The farmers who often wish for rain have got it in recent days, and now want it to stay away until they bring in the crops. Blooming fussy lot. The rest of us are getting intense about REALLY big stuff such as Christmas parties, concerts, next-year programs, visiting rellies, keeping visiting rellies away, more parties, staying well, annoying selected people, and garden chores delegated to others if at all possible.

I have been slightly immersed in edit jobs and enquiries from the usual suspects; Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia over the past weekend. Canada and the Netherlands have gone quiet. Nothing as exotic as Kazakhstan from earlier this year, when I edited contracts with a German engineering firm for new plant for that country's electrification grid. Any faults they run into will be blamed on me, I guess. Yeah, right. Ha Ha, I used a false name... Never mind, Kevin, they might not know where Mount Gambier is.

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