Thursday, 17 November 2011

Poland, Port Pirie and sheep herding

Life is getting back to its normally abnormal. The past week or so has certainly had both small and large challenges in the lives of those I know. My friend Erica's death, although expected after her long battle with cancer, was sad for everyone who knew her. Erica was 83 and still young at heart. Vale.

Nina came back from Poland to the UAE and has taken time off work, from today, to finish her thesis which I am editing. Better get it done, Nina... the deadline's the 28th for final submission! A voicemail last night, which I only read this morning, asks about a different PhD thesis proofreading job. Maybe I need to sit in front of the computer screen 24/7. But this is not going to happen - not while the weather is as good as it is right now.

On Monday we expeditioned to Port Pirie taking my piano keys and keyframe to Robin the Pianoman who will refurbish the keys with new one-piece tops and fronts. They will replace the celluloid originals which are warped. The instrument is otherwise in good shape, a late 1920s New York-built genuine Waldorf. Robin let slip an insider secret that a certain Adelaide music retailer was known back in the day to keep a supply of Waldorf labels, and at times stick 'em on the odd anonymous piano. Last night I translated the lyrics of two French songs for a member of our singing group. Not sure what the link is, but both are about flirty shepherdesses. Must ask why. I don't think I've ever actually met a shepherdess. Bit of social history there.

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