Saturday, 12 November 2011

Mr Bean - My Part in His Fame

Not really. Anyway, the title's a parody of the late great Spike Milligan's book Hitler - My Part in his Downfall. (Milligan served as a private in WWII in the Italian campaign.)  And Mr Bean? I know you love him, Maureen. My 1961 Leyland mini pre-dated the famously padlocked mini owned by Mr B. and featured in many an episode on TV. I owned or co-owned three mini-minors over the years. Today's Advertiser (page 33) pays tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of that iconic British Motor Corporation car's first coming to Australia. The brand is now owned by Germany's BMW, and the new models are somewhat larger. The predecessor was of course the rather rotund Morris Minor which was itself considered small until the Mini Minor arrived, thanks to BMC designer Alec (later Sir Alec) Issigonis.

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