Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whyte Yarcowie Vaudeville Troupe

What can I say? These dames - not at all at sea - and dudes are really really good, and to think I'd never seen 'em before last night. At Port Victoria, where they played a gig  in the pleasant Town Hall to reprise their first visit of two years ago. The usual tour of these talented amateur performers is in and around the Mid North of the state, but the maxim "Go west" brought the company this far.

Best is to visit their good-looking website

See what I mean? Many thanks to Gwenda, Yvette and Ian for transport and tea; also Ann and Michael, musicians who not only are members of our less-touring bunch but have Port Victoria associations; plus June B. - so together we have a strong lobby for advocating that we take a tip from the WY vaudevilleans and incorporate tap dancing forthwith. Is there time to learn by this Tuesday,  our last Stansbury concert of 2011?  Other suggestions by me have been cruelly rejected this year... to put our show on ice; introduce aerial acts. No, they said... we have enough hip and knee replacements as it is.

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