Thursday, 1 December 2011

End of year looming and beware hobbits

We all know it can't possibly be December... but it is. I've heard by phone, letter and email in past days from David and Kevin and Julie in reasonably distant places (that is, further than Stansbury). In the last-named, on Wednesday our little concert was well-received - they keep asking us back! - then yesterday some of the company watched the digital video record of the 92-minute event without wincing hardly at all. Well done, everyone. Thanks for coming along and bringing the nibbles, and to the several pianists among you who road-tested the restored piano in my front room - like, there's probably one in every room :)  Ha Ha

Today Robin the Piano Man has emailed good advice - yet to attempt - for curing the couple of sticky keys. I mean, sticking keys... not sticky ones. I know about that. That was just because of someone with sticky fingers. Well, it was me actually. I think it was the cold orange juice, or else the warm chocolate biscuits. Good little party... more than afternoon tea and less than an orgy. Late stayers got to watch the second part of Lord of the Rings ("The Two Towers"); my favourite bit is where Treebeard steps on and squashes the orc that is about to eat the hobbits. I complicated matters by observing that one hobbit is Scottish and the other Irish and then had to explain that I was referring to the respective actors (Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan). Mind you, I don't see why the Scots and Irish couldn't turn up in Middle Earth as well as everywhere else. The Aussies seem to have cornered the roles of elder Elves (Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett). Orlando Bloom of course is American (his elf character Legolas was once neatly described to me as a black-belt assassin with charisma).
The movie, as you may know, was shot in New Zealand a decade ago, employing almost every available stunt person in that country, directed by Kiwi Peter Jackson abetted by Kiwi Richard Taylor's amazing Weta Workshop facilities in Wellington. Oh, there are a few Brit performers too, some even with knighthoods. Will the good guys win?? Tune in again next week...  Spoiler alert: I suspect they do, but my memory is such that it is always possible that they DON'T. P.S. I felt sorry for the Balrog... and Smeagol (Gollum) is brilliant. Andy Serkis had to slim for months to look the part :)

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