Monday, 12 December 2011

A Weta Day, Danny Kaye, and Lebanese

You have to read the previous blog or this makes no sense whatever. I blame the Weta bush crickets. Yes, the New Zealand cricketers were triumphant and won the match in Hobart (drawing the two-match series for a fair and honourable result). A nail-biter, advantage see-sawing right up to the last-wicket win, with the Australians needing just 7 runs for the result to have gone their way. But then a two-nil series victory would have paid no respect to the fighting efforts of the visitors. If I sound pro-Kiwi you can put it down to my Scottish blood and the historical fact that any New Zealander who isn't Maori is probably Scots. Sort of. And the fact that I once had a house on the slopes of Mount Taranaki / Mt Egmont ( North Island), or started a round on the Dunedin Golf Course (South Island) with a pair of pars and a pair of birdies. Should've stopped there... it all went downhill after that.

Today in Adelaide I had the slightly weird experience of an MRI scan on my right knee. The knee goes inside a big machine that goes Whirr... for twenty minutes. AND I remain attached to the knee all that time. Wasn't there a scene like this in the Danny Kaye movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Later the orthopaedic doc decided that there doesn't have to be any surgery which, on the whole, is A Good Thing.

Nice catching up with friends on Sunday, with a meal at Lebanese Restaurant Kibbi's in King William Road. I chose the barramundi, even though I had never heard of a Lebanese barramundi before.

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