Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dogs and politicians. Who's an honest boy, then?

Today's Sunday Mail in Adelaide - a separate weekly from The Sun on Sunday in the UK, please note - carries a cheerful page urging us to adopt a  dog*, giving profiles of a few available pooches (and no, I am not actually looking to adopt, for practical reasons. I admit being tempted). What caught my eye was the large animal accompanied by a hopeful spin-line in the text, "Would benefit from obedience training". What a winner! The copy-writer might be hired by the spin-merchants of the contenders in Monday's ALP Caucus ballot for the leadership.

THAT will make it an interesting morning in the nation's political history. Who will they choose? Also in the Mail, of eight members of the public interviewed, one said Neither! But two went for Ms Gillard, and five for Mr Rudd. OK, it was hardly a large enough sampling. My view is that the pro-Kevin camp reckon he's snaky enough in the dirty tricks department to take on Mr Abbot at the next General Election. I have much to take issue with Ms G. as the current PM, but I'm having a small bet with myself that she'll hang on. As for Kevin, does anyone seriously doubt that his grab for his old job back is driven - just a tad - by personal malice? Oops, I didn't say that.

Did anyone watch ABC2 tonight and the 2003 movie (I last saw it soon afterwards, on the big screen) Touching the Void, a true tale of survival by two English climbers in the Peruvian Andes in 1985? Great re-enactment semi-documentary style. Even more amazing story... experienced climbers, but spot the several major mistakes they made.

* Hey. Scroll all the way down to see today's Daily Puppy. Did you even know it was there?

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