Wednesday, 29 February 2012

happy coincidences

Came across this great one in an old issue of the hard-copy newsletter I used to send out in the letterbox mail (do you remember those days?).

"A happy coincidence is a little miracle where God prefers to remain anonymous."

I am actually culling a lot of old papers, photographs and ... stuff. It's harder than it sounds. 

But speaking of letterboxes, I am still reeling in admiration from the act of courtesy of two weeks ago, when Wayne the Postie with a parcel to deliver ignored my letterbox at the front driveway, came up to the "main door" which is NOT at the front of the house but at the side patio, still couldn't find me; so he came round into the back garden and hailed me as I guided a wheelbarrow between the plum tree and a vegie patch. Now I call THAT service. Well done, Australia Post!

And today I was without electrical power in the morning - waiting for normal service to resume, as I thought - until it occurred to me to try the re-set the automatic trip switch. This told me that the problem had something to do with house-system. But by now I had had telephone conversations with an ETSA outage advisor and electrical contractor Richie in another town, and was about to call again with a simple message, "Help!" Lo and behold, Richie showed up unbidden (and I hadn't even given him my address ... go figure) and in a short space he diagnosed - and fixed - ANTS in the outside power outlet, exacerbated by heavy overnight rain getting under the dodgy cover. Impressive performance by all concerned, ants included of course.

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