Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lack of local tsunamis; concerted effort; Kazakh stuff; fruit and wildlife.

We are certainly fortunate in this little part of the world with our run of perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold, not too dry, not too wet, and for the moment no tsunamis, earthquakes, wars or internal revolutions. The adherents of different political parties call each other names, which is all very right and proper. The farmers even say it was a good harvest on our barley-growing peninsula. What have we done right?

Today some of us stirred our stumps (where did that expression come from?) and drew up a provisional program for our singing group's August concert. Well, I took notes, so I suppose that counts as helping.

Online I have done some editing work since the last blog-post, either helping or hindering - I may never know! - Danish authors writing books on business  management, and ministerial decision-makers in Kazakhstan, still a mysterious region for most westerners. In fact, that country is a geographically huge one about which we will hear much more in the future.

I picked the last of my quince tree's little crop. Last year - exactly 12 fruit; this year 24, a one hundred percent increase. Way to go! Two quinces make a nice stewed dessert. The tree is less than head high, and it sits sheltered by an almond tree, whose almonds always get eaten by a flock of galahs. The possums have slightly chewed three of the quinces. Other wildlife: (apart from the ex-mouse mentioned in recent blogs) - a neat little skink (lizard) was resting on my bed  two days ago, but I put it out on the patio. I could see it was irritated by this. So far, no marine iguanas, giraffes, or rough-legged buzzards.

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