Thursday, 3 March 2011

More Muammar and Mouse

I had to get to bed eventually, needing beauty sleep more than most, so I left Gaddafi at around the two hour mark but he went on for a total of three hours with his rambling effort at apologia for his long regime of internal thuggery and exported acts of murder. (I visited Lockerbie in Scotland not long after the destruction caused by the fall of the passenger plane which was bombed out of the sky by his agents. I am aware that other national governments behave in this way. It is very sad.) As Gaddafi was speaking, his jet aircraft were bombing the rebel-held oil town of Brega near Benghazi, and, according to him, the thousands fleeing the country were either a) not doing it, or b) part of a stunt orchestrated by foreign media.

It has to be reported to that the mouse succumbed overnight to one of the three traps I set, so who am I to complain about acts of terror? It is a bit like the whole Israeli-Palestinian situation: either the mice live here, or I do. Which will it be? Will the rest of the world care? And who will speak for the mouse?

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